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South Florida personal chefs serving Broward and Southern Palm Beach Counties

What is a personal chef?

A Personal Chef is someone who prepares wonderful entrees and side dishes specifically designed to meet your dietary needs.

The personal chef services at Just Like Mom's includes an initial consultation, planning, preparation, shopping, cooking and packaging. Our meals are prepared in our kitchen and they can be delivered or you can simply pick them up!

Personal Chef Clientele - Is This You?

Tired and Weary
Had enough of standing in line at the grocery store?
No time to get dinner on the table and enjoy it!
Tired of Take Out?
Fed up with wasting last weeks groceries?
New Parents
Older Parents
Bachelors and Bachelorettes
Those on newly prescribed diets and require assistance

What Services Do We Provide?

Personal Cheffing for private clients - meals are made to meet all dietary needs and foods are prepared one family at a time from our kitchen.

How Do We Store Your Prepared Food?
Your food is stored in microwave and freezer safe containers. We will be glad to package your food in freezer quality re-usable containers, such as Rubbermaid®, Pyrex®, Tupperware®, products.

What About Long Term Storage?
Vacuum sealing is the optimum method of storing frozen food, although it is not suitable for all menu items. If you wish us to use the vacuum sealing method for appropriate food selections, there is a $.75 charge per vacuum-sealed item to cover the cost of the packaging materials.

For Personal Cheffing Services Who Gets The Groceries?
We will shop for the freshest produce and highest quality meats available just as we would if preparing the food for our own family. Your grocery bill will reflect the menus you have selected. For example, groceries for a menu including shrimp, crab and beef tenderloin entrees will be higher than a menu featuring vegetarian and poultry items.

Who Supplies The Small Quantity Items?
A small pantry fee will be charged each cooking date to cover the cost of miscellaneous ingredients and items that we provide in small quantities such as all spices, 1 egg, less than 1/2 cup of almost everything (sugar, flour, vinegar, etc.) freezer bags, aluminum foil, wax paper and cling wrap. The pantry fee will vary from one cooking date to another based on pantry items used on that date.

What type of payment arrangements do you accept?
We will leave an invoice for any balance due, payable upon receipt, or a refund check for any variance from the estimate. You may also choose to have any balance due to you applied to your next cooking date. No refunds for cancellations made after the groceries have been purchased, usually the day prior to your cooking date. There will be a $20.00 fee for checks returned for any reason. There will be a $25.00 lockout fee (for any scheduled cheffing date and we are not able to get into the house).

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