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Last night the tuna/salmon burgers and the oven fries were a BIG hit. Michael ate his dinner without a problem. I especially liked the avocado cream sauce. Katrina ate the shrimp in a record time. Thank you sooo much for your personalized service and your kindness. You have come into our lives for a special reason.

Have a nice weekend.
See you on Wednesday, Marlene
By the way the stuffed peppers were great! We’re eating the meatloaf tonight. Fred said coming home on Tuesday with the stuffed pepper smell in the house reminded him of coming home as a kid when his mom had dinner cooking. It was very comforting.

Have a good weekend.

Betty Ann

Dear Nancy and Ginger-

Just wanted to let you know that, according to the kids, this has been your best week ever!

You would have loved to have heard Kerry telling Isabel, "Oh you've got to try the chicken and the honey mustard, it's the best I've ever had!"

You would have thought we were in a four star restaurant!!

Dear Nancy and Ginger-

The food was fantastic. I would give it a superior rating of 4+ or 5... The pork was delicious and the salsa was awesome. All your portions were generous.

Thanks so much! I will be calling you again, soon! I've recommended you to several people already!

Have a great day!
Dear Nancy and Ginger-

You have liberated me and have created a new me. A "cooking me". I used to try recipes here and there, BUT i definitely lacked the confidence and the enthusiasm to expend much effort or interest in cooking.

You both gave me the skills, knowledge and instilled the passion to learn and explore and most importantly feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Thank you so much. I look forward to more special instruction with the Livingston ladies.

F ondly,
Wendy Chayet

Dear Nancy,

I just wanted to thank you for helping me get my life back to normal again. You came into my life when I really needed you. Little did you know how valuable your services would be to me. My busy life as a Realtor keeps me going 12 hours a day. I really don't have time to prepare a proper dinner for my family. Even though I love to cook, it seems that time is not on my side. My family has really gotten tired of going out to eat when I work late. Having your services has lifted a great weight from my shoulders. I am able to come home from work and relax while I heat up the delicious meals you prepare.

Now we are able to spend some quality time together as a family. We don't have to wait for a table or tip a waitress. Your services have become essential, not a luxury. I would recommend you to anyone who needs more time with their family, or is just too busy to prepare a well-rounded dinner. By the way, your dinners are delicious. I look forward to many more!

Patti Reid,
Esslinger, Wooten, Maxwell, Inc. Realtors

Dear Nancy and Ginger-

I ate the salad today and it was spectacular.. I know, it was cut vegetables.. but I swear Ginger pours her positive energy into the food or something (maybe it's the veggie wash) because this tasted sweet and delicious!



I would like to convey my enthusiasm to anyone considering using "Just Like Mom's" for cooking lessons. My experience was fantastic, the lesson taught me numerous things that I was clueless on. I was able to go to the grocery store with them to learn how to pick the best produce, meats, etc. (this was optional). They showed me all the basics from how to chop veggies, to how to prepare specific meals that I had requested.

In one lesson we prepared 2 main courses, and 4 side dishes. The benefit to me was that it was hands on, after showing me how to do something they encouraged me to jump right in and made sure I was comfortable with the procedure.

My husband was absolutely thrilled with the meals, and encouraged me to take as many lessons as I desire. I am in my fourth month of pregnancy and plan on utilizing the meals prepared by "Just Like Mom's" in my home as soon as the baby is born.
Many thanks,

Jennifer Boronico
Proprietor of The Boca Tanning Club & The Lions Den Restaurant & Lounge

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